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L'Anse Creuse High School - North Instrumental Music is under the direction of Mr. Daniel Griffith and assistant Mr. David Mety and includes four full concert bands, winter percussion ensemble and a marching band of 150+ members.  Both the Marching Crusaders and the LCN Percussion drumline are competitive circuit programs locally to the northern Detroit, Michigan area.

Crusader Bands have established a reputation of excellence through inclusion and integrity in marching, concert, and auxiliary programs. The band has consistently earned exemplary awards at MSBOA state competitions, receiving first division ratings in marching, concert, and sightreading contests.

What's happening right now?

SAT NOV 1, 2014


5:30 a.m call time in full uniform

We will be feeding the kids a light breakfast (bagels, muffins, yogurt, etc) right at 5:30.....gotta get the kiddos all fueled up and ready for the big day ahead! This is not plan on sleeping in and skipping breakfast....remember, call time is 5:30.

Practice will start indoors (as supportive as they are, I doubt the neighbors want us out there at 5:30!) right after breakfast and run until 8:00.

At 8:00 there will be a uniform inspection.  Just a few reminders here:  BLACK SOCKS, very light or no makeup, no nail polish, BLACK SOCKS, hair all neatly tucked up inside your shako, gloves, BLACK SOCKS, marching shoes, all your uniform pieces all nice and neat and tidy.

Also, please wear either this year's show shirt or a solid black t-shirt under your uniform...the kids may be allowed to take their jackets off when sitting in the stands/going to the bathroom/checking out concessions and we would like a nice, uniform, polished look.

After uniform inspection the kids will be given a sack lunch to take on the bus.....this should hold them over until they can get to concessions after their performance.  

Buses will be rolling out at 9:00!

We are looking for 4 chaperones that can travel down on the buses with the kids and stay with them as they sit in the stands after their performance.   Please respond to this email if you are interested.  Thanks!

President Obama is scheduled to be in Metro Detroit on Saturday so traffic may be a little heavier than usual.....just an FYI.


Parking at the Ford Field parking facilities are $6 but it sounds like plenty of off-site parking is available and so prices will vary depending on where you park.  

Tickets are sold at the Ford Field Box Offices and are $18 for adults, $14 for students and seniors, and kids under 5 are free.  Ticket sales are CASH ONLY so please plan don't want to drive all the way down there and not get in to cheer on our kids!

If you've got signs....bring 'em!  If you don't.....make 'em! Black and gold pom poms.....throw those in your bag too!  Paint your faces (but please not your bellies!), wear school colors,  warm up those vocal chords and get ready to cheer on our kids!  
(No poles or sticks allowed in the posters and nothing bigger than what one person can hold...and please be mindful of those around you!)

Flight 1 competition starts at noon.  We will be performing at 12:15 and awards will be at 3:00.  I have attached the MCBA schedule for the entire day in case you want to see when other bands will take the field as well.

After their performance, kids will go have their group photo done and then will sit together as a group to watch the other Flight 1 bands.  While in the stands, they will be allowed to go in small groups to check out concessions so they can pack a few dollars (or maybe more than a few....that stuff ain't cheap!) for snacks/drinks/souvenirs.

Ford Field follows the NFL guidelines for bringing bags into the stadium, including at this event. 

For more info on the policy, please check out :

And according to the MCBA State Championship @ Ford Field Handbook (which we now proudly own):

the following items will be permitted after inspection:

Small bags, purses, and fanny packs, must comply with the maximum size for entry, 8 ½’ x 14’ x 10’

Diaper bags (only if accompanied by a child)

Binoculars and binocular cases

Cameras and small camera cases (must comply with the five inch camera lens limit)

Small radios (must be used with an earpiece)

Umbrellas, small compact only 

Just wanted to make you aware that all of these goodies will be available for purchase on Saturday!  Look for kiosks throughout the stadium. And these are sold by individual booster organizations like ours so I cannot guarantee that credit card payments are an may want to bring cash just in case.   Patches are $5, pins are $10.  I'm unsure of the cost for programs and I've attached a pdf of the shirt designs and prices just so you have an idea of what to expect for those.

These will be available for order that day, too!  Yay!  DVD packages range from $35 to $70 if you order that day and are subject to $5 increase if you order from the Mr. Video website after the end of the day Nov 1st.  And a photographer will be there to take pictures of the whole band as well as some action shots.  Looks like prices start at $20 plus S&H. 

If you have any questions, be sure to let us know!  Otherwise, see you at Ford Field!

Thanks for visiting!