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LCN Winterguard

Welcome to the LCN Winterguard page! Below you will find group information and staff information for the winterguard.

Winterguard Begins!

The LCN Winterguard has begun!

Rehearsals will be Mondays and Wednesdays at Carkenord Elementary from 6pm-9pm. Some Saturday camps will also be involved. 


The season will start with flag and dance basics before learning a show. There will be three competitions and, hopefully, state finals.

Once a calendar has been put together, you will be able to find it in a documents section below. Also, rehearsals will be posted on the band's calendar.

Winterguard...What is it?

After marching season, Colorguard moves indoors where we create a 3-5 minute show with a certain theme chosen by the director. Auditions and preparation for contest begin in late November, and carry on until the show concept is fully realized. In this show there are many elements of what we do during marching season present, but now with greater detail since the focus is put on guard only, as its own unit. We spin flag, rifle, and saber, and also include body movements and dance in our choreography. The guard performs to a track chosen, and often edited by, the director, that will relate to the meaning of the show.


Even after marching season, the guard works incredibly hard to put together a show full of meaning, detail, and expression. Every show is a work of art, and it is so rewarding to attend the competitions and watch multiple schools take their different approaches on what guard can represent. As a team we never have an off season, and would love to have more people involved in what we do.

LCN Winterguard


Calendar - coming soon

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