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All students/families wishing to take part in the Marching Crusaders (including Colorguard!) must register each spring. Registration for the 2024 Marching Crusaders for the 2024 season will be Monday, May 20th at L'Anse Creuse High School North. Prospective students and their families must complete all documents necessary for registration prior to that date. Students and their families unable to attend the registration night should reach out to Mr. Griffith via email ( as soon as possible. Below you will find links to all necessary documents with instructions. Once completed, print off each document and bring it with you to registration.

In addition, there will be meetings with all new marchers and their parents to walk through the most important details of the marching season. These meetings (one for students, one for parents) will take place in the band and choir rooms immediately following all new marcher registrations. Returning marchers do not need to attend the meetings, but must register on May 20th.

Notes regarding the forms:

  • Forms are grouped below by the dates they must be submitted. However, if you are prepared to turn them all in at Registration, feel free to do so.

  • The site is set up to open the form in a new window each time.

  • Each document will have a brief description and directions.

  • Every student must have a new physical filed with the bands each season. Students will not be allowed to participate in the on field marching without the physical being submitted prior to or at the first summer rehearsal. This physical must be completed after April, 15th of this year to count for the marching season. Students getting their physical during the summer may request to take back their physical following the completion of the season if needed for winter or spring sports. Copies of the sports physical will be available at Registration, or you may print one off below.

  • If you are unable to complete these forms on your technology, a device will be made available for you to use at registration. Please allow extra time for document completion at registration.

  • After you submit each document, we ask you to print it and bring with you to registration. You can either print immediately after submission (it offers you the option to download a copy), or you will receive an email for each submission with a PDF you can print.

  • If you already have a sports physical dated after April 15, 2024, feel free to bring it with you to registration night.


CLICK HERE for the Fee break down/Frequently Asked Questions/Calendar document given to students in preparation for Registration Night.

CLICK HERE for the Marching Crusaders Attendance Policy - this document gives students and parents an explanation of attendance, as well as what to do if a student must miss a practice.

Registration Night Documents

Registration will take place in the Social Studies hallway at L'Anse Creuse High School North. We ask all registrants to please enter through door 52. This door faces the student parking lot (east side of the building) and will have a sign outside pointing the way. Please do not enter through the band room as a meeting with new marchers will be taking place in that space.


DOCUMENTS DUE MONDAY, MAY 20th (Registration & Orientation Night) 

*Please note* - Be sure to read each document carefully. Document 6 or 8 may not apply.

  1. Marching Crusaders Students Registration and Commitment

    • This form outlines what students and parents are committing to, as well as the registration fees associated with the ensemble.

    • This form is to be completed and signed online and the first payment brought to registration.

    • CLICK HERE to complete the form.

  2. Over the Counter Medication Authorization

    • This form ​allows staff and chaperones permission to administer basic over the counter medications like Tylenol, Benadryl, or Neosporin to your child.

    • CLICK HERE to complete the form.

  3. Emergency Medical Treatment Authorization

    • This form will require you to upload a picture of your student, as well as pictures of your medical cars and student's vaccination record.

    • This form authorizes director or band chaperone, ​if parent or family physician can not be reached, to authorize observation or treatment in an emergency. 

    • You will be asked to upload 1) a current picture of your student, and 2) pictures of the front and back of your insurance cards.

    • This form MUST be printed off and brought to registration night for notarizing. A notary will be available at registration night at no cost to you. Should you not complete this form at registration you may have to have this form notarized at your own expense.

    • CLICK HERE to complete the form.

  4. Student Immunization Records

    • This form asks you to upload a picture of your student's immunization record.​

    • CLICK HERE to complete the form. 

  5. Parent Release & Authorization

    • This form is a list of approved adults authorized to pick up your student from band camp in the event you are unable to do so.

    • CLICK HERE to complete the form.

  6. Band Event/Performance Absence

    • This form allows parents to alert the director about pre-arranged conflicts with dates on the Marching Crusaders season calendar attached to the Registration Packet.​

    • If you do not have a pre-arranged conflict, you may skip this form. We ask all families to avoid any events that may conflict with the calendar (doctors appointments, family gathering/vacations, etc).

    • For pre-arranged rehearsal absence starting September 1, or for an illness, please refer to the attendance policy for reporting instructions.

    • A copy of the Marching Crusaders Attendance Policy can be found among the buttons of the marching band page of the web site, or CLICK HERE.

    • CLICK HERE to complete the form.

  7. Echo Grove Camp & Retreat Center Waiver/Release of Liability Agreement

    • This form is a legal document required by the facility that hosts our away camp (Echo Grove)

    • CLICK HERE to complete the form. ​

  8. Echo Grove Special Diet Request​​

    • This form is a request for special diet items at away camp (Echo Grove). You MUST complete this form if you require a special diet (ie. vegetarian, food allergy, or gluten/lactose intolerance).

    • If you do not require a special diet, please do not request one. The camp can only allow for a limited number of special diets per meal.

    • If something changes with your student prior to band camp, please reach out to Mr. Griffith as soon as possible. The camp does set a deadline for this information.

    • Parents that chaperone camp will complete this form at a later date.

    • CLICK HERE to complete the form.​


DUE MONDAY, MAY 20th, 2024



The following document is due before or at your student's first summer rehearsal. Summer rehearsals begin Monday, July 15th. Please note, students will have to sit out the field marching portion of rehearsals until the physical is returned. 

  1. Sports Physical 

    • A sports physical is required of all students participating in marching band and must be completed each year.

    • The sports physical must be dated after April 15th of 2024.

    • This document must be submitted at or prior to the first summer rehearsal.

    • Student participating in Winter and Spring sports may request their physical from Mr. Griffith upon completion of the marching season.

    • CLICK HERE to upload your physical.

    • CLICK HERE for a printable copy of the sports physical.


DUE MONDAY, JULY 15th, 2024


The following documents are prior to the end of the day on Thursday, August 8th, 2024. The form will be used by the nurse to check in medications during student check in at away camp. (Staggered drop-off Times will be announced at a later date):

  1. Student Daily & Prescription Medication

    • This form details what prescription(s) and/or daily medications your child takes. All student prescription medication will be submitted, in it's original container, at away camp check-in. A certified nurse will be onsite during the entire camp to administer all medications and tend any to injuries and illnesses that may occur.

    • CLICK HERE to complete the form.



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